Metta World Peace Shoved Two Guys During a Venice Summer League Game

This has to be the scariest moment of this dude’s life. You’re in a summer basketball league, thinking pretty highly of yourself because some pros actually run with you sometimes. Metta World Peace – formerly named “Ron Artest” when he ran into the stands to fight fans in Detroit during an NBA basketball contest – misses a layup and appears to shove your teammate down in frustration. You  instinctively walk over to stick up for your teammate and OH SHIT THIS HAS NOT GONE AS I PLANNED.

Suddenly, Metta World Peace – all 6’7″, 250-pounds of him – gives you a one-armed, close-fisted shove to the jaw. In the NBA, this is going to replay and Metta is probably getting a flagrant-2 and an escort to the locker room. In the streets? You fake an ankle injury on the next play and hope nobody throws any cups onto the court.

Metta World Peace throws a punch on the playground -original

Because you want to see it first!

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