Who is the Better Dancer: Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

Peyton Manning danced at Denver Broncos training camp and Kenny Chesney was nowhere to be seen. The Broncos played “Rocky Top” over the loudspeakers while the team stretched, and Peyton Manning, Britton Colquitt and Wes Welker all “got down.” KUSA has even more embarrassing footage if you like, but let’s focus on Peyton for a moment.

Peyton Manning dancing

His moves are incomparable. He’s the greatest dancing quarterback of his generation in my humble opinion. The only QB that comes close is Tom Brady. The advanced stats (Beats Per Minute) say that Manning gets down at a higher rate and is a more efficient dancer overall. However, the eye test says that Brady has some pretty sweet moves of his own. Let’s look back at Brady dancing in Rio from 2011.

Tom Brady dancing

Pretty good – and he gets points for dancing on the road – but Manning is still #1 in my book. What do you think?

Bonus: Welker dance!

Wes Welker dancing

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