Aaron Murray's Brother Spent the Last Couple Months Running Around Atlanta in Disguises

Josh Murray won this season of The Bachelorette. Josh, the older brother of Chiefs’ rookie QB Aaron Murray, was given “the final rose” (is that a euphemism?) by Bachelorette Andi Dorfmanand and the two are now engaged. They’ve been engaged for a couple months, but the final episode just aired this week so they’ve been sneaking around Atlanta yelling, “SPOILER ALERT,” whenever anyone entered a room they were both in.

“We kind of just chilled all the time,” Murray told ABC News. “We couldn’t do anything outside, obviously, and [we wore] a lot of disguises: wigs, hats. [And there was a lot of] coming over back ways.”

To pass the time, Dorfman, 27, cooked meals for Murray (think short ribs and steak) and even taught him to love sushi (almost!) as much as she does.

Watching a guy wear costumes to go to secret locations to eat food he doesn’t want sounds a lot more interesting than whatever it was ABC was showing every week. Anyway, let’s see how little brother Aaron Murray is doing in training camp.


Shit. I guess we’ll have to go to Twitter to find out how he’s actually doing.

Shit again. I guess that’s the typical life of a 5th rounder.

OK. So it’s not totally typical.

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