Hey Justin Verlander, Kate Upton Would Like a Puppy

Pleaseeeee @justinverlander 😜🐶

A photo posted by Kate Upton (@kateupton) on

Kate Upton wants Justin Verlander to get her a puppy. She shared this picture of her and a cute pup on Instagram with the caption “Pleaseeeee @justinverlander 😜🐶”.

Verlander’s response was perfect because he already has one dog to take care of, and you all know that with Upton’s travel schedule she isn’t going to be handling that dog herself.

“@kateupton If anyone objects raise your hand! #RileyObjects #jealous #RileyWins”

"Pleaseeeee… http://Instagram.com/p/rD14HxK89n" @kateupton If anyone objects raise your hand! #RileyObjects #jealous #RileyWins

A photo posted by Justin Verlander (@justinverlander) on

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