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Kliff Kingsbury Discusses His Fake Watch, Flirting With Recruits' Moms

Kliff Kingsbury was a guest on DLHQ yesterday. Topics broached included whether he or Johnny Manziel is better with the ladies, Manziel’s freelancing, and going into recruits’ houses and flirting with their mothers. It happens regularly enough if the moms are single, but what if they’re married? “That can get weird. I stop at that point,” Kingsbury said.

“Certainly that’s happened before?” Bomani Jones asked.

Moreso with the married women — you know how that goes,” Kingsbury joked.

On the $100,000 Breitling watch that Deadspin exposed as a fugazi, Kingsbury claimed it was a gift from his NFL Europe days, and he never bothered to verify whether it was real or fake. He said it with a twinkle in his eye (as he says most things), so there still might be a little more to the backstory than the Texas Tech coach let on.

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