Roundup: Watch Orlando Bloom Throw a Punch at Justin Bieber; DMX Screams on a Roller Coaster & Every Samuel L. Jackson MF in the Movies

kimberley garnerKimberley Garner, model … “Rare gazelle breaks own neck, dies at Topeka Zoo” … cow kills German hiker … how can anyone endorse a tomato and mayo sandwich? … clown drops GPS, reaches for it, car crashes into telephone pole … armed militias are patrolling the Texas borderfootball legends — on You Tube21 great urban dictionary definitions … how technology can help you unplug on vacation! … women against feminism … Tim Howard will be a soccer analyst on NBC for the EPL … wild story about the sequel to The Passion of the Christ … the New York Times is a “terrible business” … mom arrested for letting her 7-year old walk to park alone … oral history of the night Lane Kiffin left Tennessee … that craft whiskey you’re drinking probably comes from Indiana …

Rafael van der Varrt, what a dog, leaving his wife when he found out she couldn’t have their second kid due to chemo. “… only four months after the split he had started dating Sabia – Sylvie’s former best friend and the ex-wife of his Hamburg team mate Khalid Boulahrouz.” [Daily Mail]

“A First-time Skydiving Experience, a Fall to Earth and a Terrible Accident.” You should read this. [SI]

Sports Illustrated writes cover story on Drew Brees, mentions “TRX” multiple times, photographs Brees in a “TRX” t-shirt on the cover … fails to mention that Brees is a “TRX” investor. [Jim Romenesko]

“A jury awarded former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura $1.8 million on Tuesday in his lawsuit against the estate of “American Sniper” author Chris Kyle.” [Navy Times]

You knew this was coming: Kevin Durant totally hears all the Wizards fans talking about him going home two summers from now. He’s just got to do his best not to say the wrong thing. [Yahoo Sports]

The Dallas Cowboys just can’t stay healthy: Rookie DeMarcus Lawrence is out 8-12 weeks with a broken foot. [Dallas Morning News]

Great read on late-blooming Kyle Korver of the Hawks. Make sure you learn about the misogi, “the Japanese annual purification ritual some athletes have adapted into a once-a-year endurance challenge.” [Grantland]

Mark Sanchez appears on the cusp of a career rebound as Chip Kelly’s No. 2 QB. [NY Post]

“Who the fuck is Johnny Manziel?” Reed asked. “LeBron ain’t your guy! You’re not ‘Johnny Football.’ You’re ‘Johnny Rookie Bitch.’” [NY Magazine]

Columnist outraged over the Ray Rice decision says 2-game ban is “equivalent of not caring.” [Denver Post]

I’m shocked Bud Selig is in the midst of another disaster. [Hollywood Reporter]

” … if a minor leaguer brings a woman back to his room after his roommate has already gone to sleep, two things are understood. First, the roommate gets a free show, as long as he keeps pretending to be asleep. Second, if the pretend-sleeping roommate is so inclined, he may video the action, as long as he does it discreetly.” [Sports on Earth]

Anthony McCoy, the Seattle tight end who missed last season with an Achilles injury, hurt his other Achilles Tuesday. It appears his season is over. [Seattle Times]

Here’s bad video of Orlando Bloom throwing a punch at punk ass Justin Bieber. Turns out Bieber flirted with Bloom’s ex-wife a few years ago; Bloom was hanging out with Bieber’s ex-girlfriend earlier this year. Afterward, Bieber posted a photo on Instagram of Bloom’s ex-wife, then deleted it. [via Page 6]

DMX rides a roller coaster, curses a lot. Enjoyed this.

Scary: Two women, stuck on railroad tracks, try to outrun an oncoming train. They ended up OK – they lay down between the tracks to survive.

This is gross.

Every single Motherf*cker said in the movies by Samuel L. Jackson.

Florida State freshman football players, rapping. [via Hot Clicks]

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