Vin Scully Returning to Booth in 2015; Receives Standing Ovation at Dodger Stadium

The Dodgers announced Vin Scully would return to the broadcast booth for his 66th straight season last night during Los Angeles’ game with Atlanta. Well, they didn’t just announce it, the Dodgers had a pre-recorded clip of a fake press conference with Yasiel Puig, Hyun-Jin Ryu and Justin Turner (?!?!) ready to go to unveil the news. In turn, the fans at Dodger Stadium then saluted the broadcast icon with a standing ovation.

Scully, as is his wont, downplayed it and eventually settled back behind the mic saying, “all i can say is thank god, and please god for another year, but let’s get back to work now.”

This serves as another reminder Fox still has time to use Scully during its World Series broadcast, even if it’s only a small cameo role. Scully himself says he wouldn’t want to do this since it would cause a distraction, but most baseball fans probably wouldn’t mind in this particular case. Or maybe they would since it’s 2014 and everyone likes to complain and argue about every little piece of minutia. Either way, it would be an easy way for Fox to build up some goodwill with baseball fans.

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