Roundup: The Rise of Daily Fantasy Sports Leagues; Twins Sign Undrafted Guy Who Throws 100 mph; GoPro Jump Off Roof

Step Up 11th Annual Inspiration Awards - ArrivalsAnastasia Ashley … Michigan man drops acid and then thinks he’s in Florida, metaphorically. … Officials investigating if Louisville cheerleader’s death was an overdose. … John McCain wants FIFA to reconsider the 2018 World Cup being held in Russia. … World War I then and now. … Allison Williams will play Peter Pan live on NBC in December. … Scroll down for a funny police blotter report. … Creepiest abandoned places around the globe. … And on that note, here’s the Silverdome…. An amazing, beautiful hike in Hawaai is also illegal. … Cheese Curls of Instagram. … Quentin Tarantino might release Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair in 2015. … The is probably the most “2014” headline I’ve seen so far this year. … Sprint is going to sell a Facebook-only data plan. … Oregon loses a basketball recruit. … Paramount made an inadvertent mistake with a TMNT poster. … Teens are setting themselves on fire because of Facebook or something. … A riveting press session with Arian Foster. … Pamela Anderson is still being hounded by the paparazzi.

The rise in daily fantasy leagues. [NYT]

Jack White explains his love of baseball. (Includes a 1919 World Series ring!) [Fox Sports]

“The exorcisms of Latoya Ammons” [Indy Star]

Germany is a rising destination for immigrants looking for work. [Washington Post]

“A Report From the Misunderstood Gathering of the Juggalos” [Daily Beast]

It’s not going to be easy to pick a preseason All American college hoops team. [CBS]

Some ruminations on “Major League.” [Just a Bit Outside]

Ameer Abdullah is a player to watch for Nebraska, for many different reasons. [Yahoo!]

“How American sitcoms depict U.S. cities” [Guardian]

Life as an NBA scout seems, well, challenging. [Grantland]

Philly teen goes from bullied to bodybuilding champ. [NewsWorks]

If you want to read 60,000 words on Mario Kart, you’re in luck. [AV Club]

Could I interest you in a story about slow-cooked brisket? [TMBBQ]

“Sad Full House” is now a thing on the YouTubes. [BroBible]

Twins found an undrafted guy throwing 100 mph. [Yahoo!]

Jessica Alba on the cover of Maxim. No it’s not a link to 2004. [Guyism]

Year of the GoPro continues with this crazy stunt.

Juggalos + Morgan Freeman.

Interstellar trailer.

Live news prank of UCLA water main break.

Probably old, but every Seinfeld transition riff.

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