Darren Rovell Teases "Big Cowboys Story," Fails to Deliver on the Hype

darren rovell

Darren Rovell lives in a cool world. In that world, tickets are a big story. On Twitter this morning, he teased a big story on the Cowboys.

The buzz factor is off the charts. What will it be, an arrest? Jerry Jones getting bought out by someone even crazier? It didn’t take long for the big reveal, because Rovell could not contain himself. Five minutes later, he busted his business reporter nut because this was too big to sit and wait for the buzz to build.

What? Okay, that can be kind of funny in a world where people like to make fun of the Cowboys for anything. It will probably get people talking every bit as much as head injury lawsuits. Obviously, the reason that we should buzz about this is because LOL Cowboys. It’s hard to go to the NFC Championship Game at 8-8, though not impossible.

Oh. LOL Cowboys?

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This is big news, no doubt, until the next item where a Cowboys reserve lineman dates the daughter of an ex-wrestler, but it’s no “who will win the super competitive yogurt sponsorship with the NFL?” in my humble opinion.

Why is that story being ignored by the media while people talk about head injuries?

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