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Kentucky's Cory Johnson Tells Local News His Weight Fluctuates Because He "Poops So Much"

Cory Johnson is Kentucky’s new 6’3″, 300-pound defensive tackle. Johnson, who transferred from ACA College in New York, says his weight fluctuates on a daily basis. LEX18‘s Alan Cutler wanted to get to the bottom of this story so he asked Johnson after practice. Johnson explained that can be anywhere between 280 and 300. Why? Because he poops so much.

“I try to poop like five times a day. Three times a day.┬áSo it’s hard to keep weight when you got so much going out.”

It’s a shame that Johnson transferred to Kentucky. This is a young man who understands how to entertain and deserves the bright lights of New York City. [Image via @Ky1eScott]

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