Roundup: Oral History of Varsity Blues, Usain Bolt Dancing to the Proclaimers & Vince Vaughn in True Detective?

Elisabetta.GregoraciElisabetta Gregoraci, an Italian model … neat read about JC Penney’s use of – and struggles with – Facebook … “Meat-wrapped razor blade kills dog; neighbor admits to crime” … marijuana lubricant promises 15-minute orgasm … this movie quote machine is a massive time suck … Vince Vaughn mentioned as possibility for season two of True DetectiveBrian Scalabrine spoofs LeBron, says he’s returning to the Celtics … two members of the Stoner family charged with growing marijuana … Peyton Manning does really nice thing … so there’s a secret Ebola serum? … man has finger bitten off at Jay-Z concert … are these the five worst teams in the NFL this year? … Ric Flair gives Derrick Brooks props for getting into the Hall of Fame … if you like sharks, this 5-minute “Shark Hunter” video is for you … 100 books every journalist must readStephen Colbert takes questions from teenage girls … people are using drones to get photos/video of their wedding … married mother of four, who is 68, gets six months in jail for having sex in public with a 49-year old man who wasn’t her husband …

The Oral History of Varsity Blues. Outstanding. [NFL.com]

David Wilson, former Virginia Tech star and 1st round pick of the Giants, is calling it a career due to spine injury. [Star Ledger]

Kentucky State University president gives up over $90,000 of his salary so lowest-paid university workers can get a raise. [Kentucky.com]

“In the last 25 years, with the rise of sports journalists as news media stars, those who have traditionally been charged with providing perspective have often been the ones lobbing verbal hand grenades.” [Times]

The Iowa Hawkeyes are doing everything they can to give away unsold football tickets. [Daily Iowan]

Will 2014 be the year of the underdog when it comes to football betting? [Sharp Football Analysis]

The new studio co-host of the SEC Network is Peter Burns. [Denver Post]

Yes, sports broadcasting camp exists. [WSJ]

Extremely critical review of the new San Francisco 49ers stadium. [Bloomberg Business Week]

Searching for the next Andrew Wiggins in the E.Y.B.L. [NYT]

Cedric Maxwell talks about racist Boston back in the late 70s and 80s, when the team was good. [Globe]

Marquess Wilson of the Bears, a promising wide receiver, fractured his clavicle, and will miss a couple months. [Chicago Tribune]

Auburn 6-foot-9, 299 pound freshman guard is been nicknamed “Drago.” [AL.com]

Lengthy read about why Andre Reed had to wait so long to get into the Hall of Fame. [Buffalo Bills.com]

Very awkward Andrew Wiggins Sportscenter interview. Gotta feel bad for the millionaire. [via Houston Press]

Usain Bolt dancing to the Proclaimers.

Fitting: Bird poops on Putin.

Smart college football commercial features Matt Leinart, Brian Bosworth.

RIP James Brady, who passed away at 73. Brady was shot in the head over 30 years ago during an assassination attempt on President Reagan.

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