Former Lions QB Scott Mitchell Weighs 366 Pounds, Will Appear on The Biggest Loser

Scott Mitchell #19

Hey, remember Scott Mitchell? The journeyman NFL quarterback during the 1990s who carved out a 1o-year career after having a couple decent games subbing for Dan Marino in 1993? Yeah him. Well, he’s back in the spotlight joining the latest cast of NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

Mitchell, 46, now clocks in at 366 pounds, which more than 100 pounds heavier than his playing days.


From his NBC bio:

His biggest motivation for going on the show was seeing his dad die of obesity-related causes early this year and knowing he could be headed down the same path if he doesn’t change his life. Now 46 years old and 366 pounds, Mitchell has sleep apnea and high blood pressure. Weight has been an issue since age 35 due to a busy life and poor diet. With five kids ranging in age from 11 to 21, he wants to be there for his family and is ready to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

I’ll apologize for being somewhat (how’s this for a concept?) nice on the Internet and refrain from mocking a guy who wants to lose weight to enjoy more time with his family. If Mitchell really wants to take off the excess pounds, I’d suggest the weight-loss tactic devised by Nathan Fielder in last night’s episode of Nathan for You.

As a palette cleanser? How about some 1994 Lions highlights?

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