University of Minnesota and Vikings May Ban "Redskins" from Nov. 2 Game. Will This Start a Trend?

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Daniel Snyder’s been out and about lately, defending his team’s name, but let’s see how he handles this one, which emerged overnight in Minnesota and could be the start of a trend:

The University of Minnesota is working with the Minnesota Vikings in an effort to keep the Washington Redskins’ name from being used in “promotional and game date materials” during the NFL teams’ Nov. 2 game at the school’s stadium in Minneapolis, according to an Aug. 1 letter from University President Eric Kaler to U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minn. …

McCollum alleged that the Redskins’ presence at the university’s stadium would violate the institution’s Board of Regents’ policy on affirmative action, diversity and equal opportunity. She also noted that the stadium was built with funding from the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux.

It’s one thing when writers stop using Redskins. And another thing when entire newspapers do it. Politicians have gotten involved this year. And the trademarks-being-cancelled story in June caused a big hubbub.

But this latest one?

The story broke overnight and remains fluid, but as it gathers steam today, the Vikings are going to be pressed for a response. Given the rough year for the Wilf family (claiming “anti-wealth bias” when your net worth is north of $310 million is a bad look), would it really surprise you if they sided with the University of Minnesota?

You’ll win on the PR front, and almost certainly become the second most relevant game of the Nov. 2 Sunday (Broncos at Patriots). Most importantly, if the Vikings side with the University of Minnesota, one wonders: Will this set off a trend in the NFL? Will another team step up and do the same?

Roger Goodell, still smarting from his lenient punishment for Ray Rice, has yet to chime in. [via Star Tribune]

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