Jerry Jones Photos Are Five Years Old, and the Strippers Have Lawyered Up

Jerry Jones and girl 1Jerry Jones and his lady friends partied together five years ago according to the women in the scandalous pictures that emerged earlier this week. The women from the photos are strippers from Texas named Lindzie and Jordan. The pictures that surfaced may have been part of a very strange extortion plot and the women involved claim they had nothing to do with it. Via TMZ:

Although they appear to be posing … both women claim they and Jerry had no idea the pics were being taken — and say Jones’ bodyguard would have confiscated the camera if they had a clue.They say they never wanted the photos to go public — so, they’ve retained an attorney to find out how they can have them scrubbed from the Internet.

Scrubbed from the Internet? Good luck with that. Lindzie and Jordan did not know the pictures were being taken, but they also don’t remember much about that night because “there was a lot of alcohol involved.” [TMZ]

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