Alex Andreopoulos Proves that Bullpen Catcher is the Loneliest Job in Baseball

The Blue Jays beat the Tigers, 6-5, in 19 innings in Toronto on Sunday. The Jays used 8 pitchers in total and by the 14th not even Rick Vaughn was left in the cupboard. This left Toronto bullpen catcher Alex Andreopoulos alone, tired and bored. There was no one left to talk to and he was stuck waiting for someone to ask to play catch.

And now, a song from Mike Cardillo’s childhood.

RELATED: Did you know that bullpen catcher is an actual job? I didn’t. I mean, it makes sense, but I had never considered the idea that a non-roster player might be a designated bullpen catcher. If you had asked me, my guess would have been that a backup catcher warms up pitchers in the bullpen. I guess this makes more sense though. Still, in the future, perhaps an invite to join everyone in the dugout would be nice.


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