Roundup: Comedians and Depression; Wide Receiver Suspended for Wearing Earrings & Ranking SEC Football Stadiums

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift … man castrated by woman over $13RIP Lauren Bacall, who passed away at the age of 89 … what’s the deal with comedians and depression? … “The funniest people I know always seem to be the ones surrounded by darkness” … the police haven’t said enough about what happened to Michael Brown, who was killed in Ferguson, Missouri … Revel in Atlantic City to close in September … Jayson Werth popped for going 105 mph in a 55, but wasn’t arrested … Jeanie Buss will not draft any “Redskins” to her fantasy team … nobody wants to adopt this dog with a ‘permanently sad face‘ … someone named Nash Grier is 16 and the most popular person on VINE … in China, police are punishing drivers by making them stare at full-beam headlights for five minutes … “At times, it can seem like people are trying to out-sad one another” … when comments sections get out of hand, you end them … German “artists” say they planted white flags on Brooklyn Bridge … ranking the SEC stadiums, and LSU is obviously 1st … “Woman arrested for allegedly taking store’s motorized cart” … homeless woman will have massive lawsuit against LAPD … did a teacher give a kindergarten student a black eye? …

“Over the first half of 2014, the NCAA already broke its record of yearly lobbying expenditures. During 2013, the NCAA spent $160,000 on lobbying. This year, as of June 30, it has already spent $240,000.” [Open Secrets]

BYU receiver suspended for season opener, allegedly for wearing earrings. [Herald Extra]

The Cleveland Browns all have tablets, but coach Mike Pettine is making them write things down because new academic studies say writing “by hand instead of typing improves your chance to learn something.” [WSJ]

Interesting read on social media in the wake of the Robin Williams suicide: “At times, it can seem like people are trying to out-sad one another.” [Politico]

Miroslav Klose retires from the German national soccer team. Nobody has scored more World Cup goals than he has. [NYT]

Hot take! “Don Draper Is Replaceable; Joan Holloway Isn’t.” [Harvard Business Review]

The all-female sports TV talk show is a “stupid idea,” writers former TBL staffer Tim Ryan. [The Cauldron]

Is Jaylon Smith the next great Notre Dame linebacker? [SI.com]

“Somebody would have to drop a bomb on FedEx Field to get us to change” the name Redskins, says former Washington kicker Mark Moseley. [DC Sports Bog]

Blogger who runs “Zoo with Roy” actually went to the Philadelphia Zoo with pitcher Roy Halladay. [Zoo with Roy]

Should the MLS employ relegation? [The Sporting News]

Greg Oden looking at felony charges for punching his ex-girlfriend in the face three times. [Indy Star]

Ranking NFL owners based on likeability. [Any Given Sunday]

Anyone else find themselves just watching old Robin Williams clips on You Tube? Dead Poet’s Society was good.

NHL player has glacier water dumped on him via helicopter for the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Help police find this criminal who sucker punched a man in the street.

Terrifying video of a stroller rolling onto subway tracks. Was a ghost at work here? Always lock the stroller wheels, dad!

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