Former NFL Player and Friend Arrested After Attacking a Couple Over Parking Space at Target

Travis DanielsTravis Daniels, a former 4th round pick of the Miami Dolphins, was arrested earlier this week following a fight with a couple in a Target parking lot over a parking space.

According to police, Daniels and a female friend, Moyah Purkiss, were unhappy someone took their parking spot, so they parked, and then approached the man and woman. Here’s how the Miami Herald described what happened next:

“[Purkiss] approached [the victim] and began yelling and screaming at her regarding the parking space. [She] then took her cellphone and struck the victim in the face causing facial lacerations and several teeth to be knocked out.”

Daniels, meanwhile, pushed and shoved the victims during the encounter.

Using your cell phone as a weapon? That’s a new one. I’m not cracking my Iphone on someone’s face over a parking spot. But Moyah Purkiss didn’t seem to care, and so she was thrown in jail.
Daniels, who spent three years with the Dolphins following a career at LSU, has been out of the NFL since 2012. [via Miami Herald]

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