Roundup: Phil Jackson Buys Ritzy NYC Apartment; Bad Boys 3 Happening?; Man Swims Away to Escape Croc

hannahpolites1Hannah Polites … Rob Manfred elected MLB’s next commissioner. … Robin Williams widow says he was battling with the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease. … Woman drinks ice tea laced with cleaning chemicals after restaurant employee mistakenly thought it was sugar.  … Maryland trooper stops man from jumping off 90-foot bridge. … David Gregory out at Meet the Press. … Martin Lawrence says Bad Boys 3 is going to happen. … Phil Jackson bought a nearly $5 million New York apartment. … Aliens have landed? … Teenager upset with friends after they allegedly didn’t invite him for cheesesteaks. … Twitter may change some of its policies after trolls went after Zelda Williams. … Flooding caused major damages in Detroit. … Newspaper in Hong Kong publishes fake obit of rival publisher, who responds with video… How to prep for a marathon run up a mountain in Colorado. … Renowned Texas BBQ chef helps nab a thief. … Tourist photos of 1980s America or current day hipsters at a music festival? … Should you care, this is a paparazzi picture of Kim Kardashian taken on Wednesday.  … Happy Birthday: Vernon Jordan (69); Jimmy Webb (68); Tom Kelly (64); Gary Kubiak (53); Tom Colicchio (52); Scott Brosius (48); Ben Affleck (42); Kerri Walsh Jennings (36); Jennifer Lawrence (24); Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (21). 

A different night in Ferguson, Mo. [Washington Post]

John Beilein and Austin Hatch share a bond. [Freep]

Cool story (and layout design) on Chip Kelly & LeSean McCoy. [ESPN]

Grantland’s Rembert Brown writes from Ferguson. [Grantland]

Solid read on Royals prospect Bubba Starling, who opted for baseball over football. [KC Star]

Important question of the week: What’s Craig Kilborn been up to lately? [Uproxx]

Google has a strategy to prevent sharks from biting undersea data cables. [Network World]

Joe Kleine received a huge royalty check for appearing in Eddie. [The Score]

Matthew Berry’s fantasy football love/hates. [ESPN]

Should you care to read about some gushing over the 2014 New England Patriots. [MMQB]

Here’s what a Ebola isolation unit in Germany looks like. [The Week]

Jerry Seinfeld really, really loves baseball. [ESPN NY]

Some great video games you can complete in a couple hours. [Guyism]

In 1986 Terry Funk called out Sports Illustrated for putting Hulk Hogan on the cover. [Extra Mustard]

New thing(?): people lighting bongs via magnifying glasses and uploading it to YouTube. [BroBible]

Someone compiled a list ranking 333 Phish songs. [Spin]

A helpful, fun guide to being a great fantasy football commish. [700 Level]

Man out-swims crocodile (great assist there, too).

Guy graduates from Harvard, bums around the world filming people trying to solve a Rubix Cube. [via Bro Bible]

Someone decided to make The Walking Dead season 5 trailer in Legos.

You’re welcome, via CRM.

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