Corey Kluber Auditioned to be on True Detective

Corey Kluber is putting together a Cy Young-worthy season with Cleveland. The 28-year-old’sĀ sterlingĀ 2.41 ERA speaks for itself. After the All-Star break opponents are batting a paltry .161 off Kluber during his six starts, as he’s only getting better as the season wears on.

At the same time Kluber’s also developed a reputation for his stern, no-nonsense, stoic demeanor on the mound. Playing off this image, Kluber decided to share his audition reel for the part of Rust Cohle in HBO’s True Detective. (His Diet Pepsi aluminium figures need some work.)

If Cleveland is intent on drumming up some more Cy Young support for Kluber and his 9.9 Ks per-9, I’d suggest starring in a fake MasterCard commercial.

(This has not really been Yardwork.)

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