Roundup: Ferguson Chaos Continues as National Guard Moves In; Mr. T Shows Up at Jury Duty & 24 Hours of the SEC Network

lucy mecklenburghLucy Mecklenburgh … “Naked, sword-wielding man subdued” … the National Guard moved into Ferguson, Missouri overnight … cool charts: How Americans have moved between states since 1900 … “Man drags stolen safe behind car, arrested after passing officer” … did you know Ferguson cops beat a man in 2009 and charged him with getting blood on their uniforms? … Sweden celebrates 200 years of peace … The Power of 29: An Ode to Being Almost 30Paulo Coelho’s new novel is “Adultery” … the Chinese are still wearing facekinis so their skin doesn’t tan … drivers busted for not yielding to “officer in traffic cone costume” … bizarre story on people not knowing their neighbors (not the way in my ‘hood) … Mr. T showed up for jury duty … man in Nebraska has every copy of Sports Illustrated, ever … the autopsy shows unarmed Michael Brown was shot “at least” six times …

The biggest challenge facing new MLB commish Rob Manfred is shortening games. In 1984 the average game went 2:35. In 2014? A lengthy 3:02, the longest on record. [Times]

Geno Smith spent the summer doing heavy film work. [NYDN]

The Green Bay Packers seem open to the idea of analytics in scouting. [JS Online]

Someone watched the first 24 hours of the SEC Network. [Alligator.org]

Referees are going to make a point of emphasis on illegal contact and defensive holding in 2014. Why this is a huge deal. [Sharp Football Analysis]

Middle-aged American men dominate mini-golf, except for Olivia Prokopova, a 19-year old from the Czech Republic. [NYT]

Coming off the World Cup, the Premier League has an opportunity to lure in more casual soccer fans. This crackdown on Vines and GIFs certainly won’t help spread the word. [Independent]

How the Seattle Seahawks tackle. [MMQB]

“Well, when you walk into the locker room and you have a senior who’s on the cellphone five minutes before you’re supposed to go onto the field before the game, laughing and talking, you know: Maybe it’s time to move on.” [AJC]

What are the chances that Dwayne Bowe’s suspension could lead to him ending up in Cleveland this season? [PFT]

In the Blake Sims vs Jake Coker QB battle, Nick Saban has yet to name his starter. [Tuscaloosa News]

Here’s a terrible, worthless column by Mike Lupica on Matt Harvey. [NYDN]

Very cool strength and conditioning video from VCU.

Want to see what it looks like in microscopic slow motion when a Jellyfish stings you?

Horrific highway accident here (:20) but the good news is, everyone survived.

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