Jim Ross Correctly Predicted Nearly All of WWE SummerSlam; "Connected" Redditor Got it 100% Right

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On Saturday, former WWE play-by-play announcer (amongst many other jobs he held with the organization) Jim Ross wrote a blog post on his web site predicting Sunday night’s SummerSlam matches, and got six of the eight outcomes right. Most importantly, he nailed the Nikki Bella heel turn to put Stephanie McMahon over Brie Bella, and has been forecasting for months that Brock Lesnar would win both heavyweight championship belts on the evening. (The only ones he got wrong were Rusev over Jack Swagger and Paige over A.J. Lee.)

Ross has been mostly off WWE broadcasts for several years now, but he’s still sorely missed. Michael Cole lacks the charisma of his predecessor, JBL can’t seem to figure out whether he’s supposed to be a face or a heel, and Jerry “The King” Lawler’s voice has been marginalized in the three-man booth. This isn’t necessarily their fault — Vince McMahon is known to manically micro-manage the announcers through their headsets, and they¬†may be less willing than JR to incur the wrath of going off-script.

Nevertheless, JR got bested in his predictions by @DolphinsReddit, a social mediaite supposedly connected backstage who was profiled by Deadspin last year. Though the Dolphin was snared at WrestleMania — his “source” did not have The Undertaker losing to Brock Lesnar¬†— he got 100% of last night’s event correct. Whether this account is connected to a true rogue in the building, or whether it’s used to make big surprises like ‘Taker’s streak ending into even greater shocks is nearly impossible to know. Either way, its existence is profoundly WWE-ish.

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