Jayson Werth Rally Gnome Lifts Nationals to Seventh Straight Victory, Maybe

The Nationals won their seventh straight game Monday night, beating the Diamondbacks on an Adam LaRoche walk-off homer — the team’s third consecutive win in its last at bat. Washington has surged atop the National League East, extending its lead over Atlanta to six games. As a result of the recent hot streak the Nats now own the best winning percentage (70-53, .569) in the National League.

Why are the Nationals playing so well? There are probably a lot of different reasons but I’d like to think the Jayson Werth garden gnome — which pitcher Doug Fister used as a rallying tool Monday night — is a big part of the reason. The gnomes were given away earlier this month are were fetching over $100 on eBay.

And if you needed a reminder, here’s Werth’s beard in all its glory. If only Tim Ryan were still here to discuss it.

Baltimore Orioles v Washington Nationals

(This has been a hirsute post, but it has not really been Yardwork.)

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