Fantasy Football 2014: Top 150 With Auction Values


The position groups have been ranked. Now, all of them are pulled together for an overall set of rankings. These rankings are based on the PPR projections, with passing touchdowns worth 4 points. If you are in a league where passing TDs are worth more, you will want to bump the top passers.

Here were the position rankings:

I also include auction values for each player, for a $100 per team, 12 team league. I wrote about some auction strategies to use last year. The goal of an auction draft is to get players for less than you want to pay. You want to get the $3 and $4 guys for $1, rather than $1 players for that price, by waiting and striking when people are low on money (or early, when people are feeling out value).

Without further ado [Note: WR Andre Johnson was inadvertently left off this list though he appears in the wide receiver rankings. He slots right next to Vincent Jackson at #29]:

TOP 150 FANTASY 1-20

FANTASY TOP 150 21-40

FANTASY TOP 150 41-60

FANTASY TOP 150 61-80

FANTASY TOP 150 81-100

FANTASY TOP 150 101-120

FANTASY TOP 150 121-140

FANTASY TOP 150 141-150


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