Johnny Manziel "partied his brains out," Which Contributed to Him Losing QB Job, Beat Writer Claims

Mary Kay Cabot is a Cleveland Browns beat writer for the Plain Dealer, and after the team announced Brian Hoyer would be the starting QB over Johnny Manziel, she dropped these two curious tweets about the rookie.

I’m puzzled. How could he start to “lose the job” when there hadn’t been any serious practices or even games? And “partied his brains out” is an odd phrase to use. He was traipsing across the country having fun, yes, but there was little indication his brains were falling out due to excessive partying. Was he showing up at practice reeking of alcohol or sluggish and hungover?

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And you don’t lose a starting job because you flipped (flicked?) off the opposing bench on Monday Night Football. You lose the starting job because you can’t complete basic passes or run the offense.

And then for Cabot to follow it up with the job was “there for the taking” … really? A late-first round pick who is 21 years old and only had two years of college experience and is a mere 6-feet tall coming out of a spread system trying to learn a new one … the job was his for the taking?

Hoyer, despite the ACL injury last year, is a pro. He turns 29 in October, has played for four different NFL teams, and despite throwing just 192 passes in five seasons, he’s miles ahead of Manziel in the maturity department.

Of course, there’s an alternative to all this … perhaps Cabot culled this information from sources in the organization?

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