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Mike Francesa Did the Ice Bucket Challenge, Ok

Mike Francesa took his New York radio show to the Jersey shore on Friday to celebrate summer with a Billy Joel cover band and his growing legion of fans. Francesa also raffled off a chance to pour a bucket of ice water over his well-coifed head as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge, which raises awareness for ALS research. Newsday’s Neil Best tweeted that the raffle raised nearly $3,500. The first two names Francesa pulled had already left the festivities, leaving the honors to “Irene.” (Coincidentally the same person who won the raffle to dunk Francesa, also won a raffle for a free car.)

Fox Sports 2 simulcast the show, but cut away for a UFC weigh-in at 5 p.m. WFAN was in a commercial break during the actual water-dump, too.

Fortunately numerous fans in attendance recorded the epic event for the rolls of history.

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