Diego Simeone Gets Eight-Game Ban For Slapping Official's Head

Diego Simeone’s love tap on the back of an officials head during last week’s Spanish Super Cup earned the Atletico Madrid coach an eight-game suspension. Simeone appears to have developed a case of Mourinho-itis, where he thinks he can basically do whatever he wants on the sideline at all times. Either that or he’s convinced the paying customers are there to watch him gesticulate in expensively-tailored black suits.

Actually, it appears as if the Spanish Federation used the Faber College disciplinary standards, ticking off all of Simeone’s offensives that earned him double-secret probation. From the Guardian:

Simeone was suspended for four games for tapping the back of the linesman’s head, two games for protesting, one game for applauding his sending-off, and one game for remaining in the stands instead of leaving the stadium after his sending-off.

Even with this suspension, it’s unlikely Simeone is going to change. His fiery, swaggering attitude is a big reason why Atletico won La Liga last season and made the Champions League final, knocking Mourinho’s Chelsea out along the way.

Either way, Simeone would have made an excellent addition to the WWE roster during the so-called “Attitude Era.”

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