High School Quarterback Throws Touchdown After a Fake Spike 20 Years After Dan Marino Did It

John Urzua of North Gwinett (Georgia) pulled off a fake spike-touchdown over the weekend. Urzua faked the spike with :20 remaining and threw the game-winning touchdown pass to Kyler Knudsen to beat McEachern 52-49. The throw and catch were both pretty impressive. The play obviously brings back memories of Dan Marino’s fake spike against the Jets in 1994.

I guess I haven’t watched Marino’s fake spike in a while because he never actually faked the spike. I remember watching the game live. In my head he did everything but toss the ball back to the referee before throwing that touchdown. In reality he made a hand motion before the ball was snapped and then threw the pass. Really this was just a classic case of #LOLJets.

Woah! Hold on! This play took place on November 27, 1994, so consider this the first TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF DAN MARINO’S FAKE SPIKE article you see. That’s right. A nice round anniversary. I can’t wait to see all the YouTube embeds. Did I mention I watched this game live? I will never forget the atmosphere in my living room that day.

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