Peter King Says the Rams Might Lose Michael Sam if They Put Him on the Practice Squad

St. Louis Rams v Cleveland Browns

Michael Sam sacked Johnny Manziel on Saturday night, and flashed the money sign. Though there were stories about it everywhere, it also didn’t especially set the world on fire. Other than that, and Tony Dungy creating a distraction by saying the Rams rookie would be one, we haven’t heard much about Sam since he pulled out of the reality show.

Peter King, who has a direct line on Jeff Fisher, opines that the Rams would risk losing Sam to another team if they put him on the practice squad instead of the 53-man roster:

I think it’s going to be hard to stash Michael Sam on the practice squad. Hard, but not impossible. With two sacks this month and more quickness than he showed late in his college season (he’s 13 pounds lighter, at 257, than his college playing weight), Sam is pushing hard for a spot on the Rams’ 53-man roster. If not that, certainly the 10-man practice squad. But the Rams know they risk losing him if they do the latter. NFL rules allow for players to be exposed to other teams before they can be put on the practice squad. I’m sure some teams wouldn’t want to deal with a perceived sideshow with Sam and wouldn’t put in a claim. But where exactly has the sideshow been? Sam’s been the anti-distraction since turning down the Oprah reality show in the spring.

Though circumstances — the reality show, and the apparent quickness boost — have changed, this represents a major about-face in tone from King and his publication. King was sharply critical of Sam as a “seventh-round reality star,” while, before the draft, the MMQB’s Greg Bedard wrote that Sam was “decidedly average, with nothing exceptional about his game.” (To say nothing of what SI relayed from anonymous scouts after Sam announced he was gay.)

This all remains fascinating to monitor.

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