Roundup: Sons of Guns' Will Hayden Arrested, Panda Fakes Pregnancy, Kansas City Barbecue, Hello Kitty Not a Cat?

rita-volkRita Volk is on an MTV show … giant panda fakes pregnancy … tall guys get more ladies according to science … woman going on trial after starting a fire in her boyfriend’s house with bacon … Iowa senator admits to taking money to change sides … how to start a new old bar … ‘COPS’ crewmember shot by police … ‘Sons of Guns’ canceled because one of the stars, Will Hayden, was arrested forthe rape of his daughter … is the universe a hologram … man acquitted of murdering the man who killed his sons … Diane Sawyer stepping down … Emma Stone got a haircut … apparently, Hello Kitty is not a cat, but a human … Russia officially recognizes Star Wars as a film classic … Oklahoma Joe’s Bar-B-Que will be renamed Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que in a nod to one of the three best BBQ styles …

A Q&A with the multi-faceted Dan Dakich. [Cubs Insider]

Angela Bennett, the wife of Lance Bennett, Matt Kuchar’s caddie, died. [PGA]

Washington Redskins planning their next stadium. [Washington Post]

NHL says they are NOT planning an expansion team in Las Vegas. [Review-Journal]

Pittsburgh’s “brunch burger” looks both awful and amazing. [Extra Mustard]

Tecmo Super Bowl was a classic game and someone finally wrote about it online. [Medium]

Zach Ertz is poised for a breakout year in Philly. [Philly.com]

Six college football coaches on the rise. [AP]

Bruce Pearl landed the top five JUCO recruits. [Pro Basketball Talk]

Oakland A’s fan makes emblem out of beer caps. [Imgur]

The Cornhuskers nearly killed Adam Devine. [Rolling Stone]

How old is too old to win the US Open? For me it was 12 when I realized I hadn’t been playing tennis for 6 years already. [GQ]

A #longform on Jared Lorenzen and his love of food and football. [ESPN]

Chargers announcer suspended for tonight’s preseason game for anti-semitic joke [UT San Diego]

Texas A&M’s new football facility seems nice.

Fat prairie dog needs help getting out of his hole. In the prairie dog world, this is known as “rock bottom.”

Every “God Dammit” from Always Sunny which returns next week. [via Hef]

Too awesome to be real? Father runs over kid’s video games with lawnmower. Epic freak out ensues.

Here’s a zen-like video of a beach.

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