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Louisville Cheerleaders Will Be Drug Tested Regularly in the Wake of Heroin Overdose

louisville cheerleadersFollowing the July death of a Louisville cheerleader – Danielle Cogswell, 22, died of a “multi-drug intoxication” of heroin, amphetamines and Xanax – the school has announced the spirit teams will be randomly drug tested just as the athletes are. Via the Courier-Journal:

University rules require drug screening of student-athletes in accordance with NCAA rules to detect use of banned drugs, but cheerleading is not an NCAA-sponsored sport, Simatacolos said in July.

She said that spirit team members do go through an annual orientation for new student-athletes that includes drug and alcohol education.

Apparently, the city of Louisville has a really bad heroin problem. Here’s another story, this one from early 2013, on the city’s heroin problem.

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