Roundup: Donovan McNabb Rips Nick Foles, Tracy McGrady Ponders NBA Comeback & Yuppies Are Killing the Dive Bar

daisy loweDaisy Lowe … Justin Bieber arrested in Ontario following fight after his ATV crashed into a minivan … 18-wheeler tips, dozens of cases of beer flood highway … is there a microchip implant in your future? … just how much weed was at a Phish show in Denver over the weekend? … the best sections in baseball stadiums to catch fly balls … check out this guy’s 43-pound cabbage … the state of Louisiana is losing 16 square miles a year … Piers Morgan has a great strategy to being hated on twitter … cool story about learning to speak French, which happens to be my 2nd favorite language … giant millipedes seized at San Francisco airport … a 33-year old man learns how to swim … a 103-year old sprinter has challenged Usain Bolt to a race … “California police use of body cameras cuts violence and complaints” .. worst of the worst: “Stripper mom of missing girl hangs up on cops, says she ‘had to get on stage’” … Florida has caterpillars covered in venom … mom hogging a swing at the park calls cops on dad who tries to take her kid out of the swing … for some reason, Hollywood will reboot “Escape from New York” … ranking Jim’s best pranks on Dwight from The Officeyuppies are killing the dive bar … mom gets 4-year old dressed up exactly like models, watches twitter account swell

Is Bobby Petrino, the Louisville coach, a changed man? Spoiler: No. [SI.com]

The reporter who was alleged to have asked Doug Williams, “How long have you been a black quarterback?” has passed away. He didn’t actually ask the question, though. [Sentinel]

Tracy McGrady, 35, is pondering an NBA comeback. [Yahoo Sports]

Kliff Kingsbury wakes up at 4:30 am to break down film and work out. The pretty boy works hard. [Fox Sports]

Donovan McNabb doesn’t know if Nick Foles is a franchise QB yet, says he’s “never seen a QB move so slow.” [Crossing Broad]

The creator of the Facebook “I Fucking Love Science” is Elise Andrew, who is a really big deal. [Columbia Journalism Review]

Cool peek inside the playbook of every NFL team. [WSJ]

Adam Schefter works so hard he hasn’t taken a vacation in seven years! Also, he never goes to games or talks to players. [Washington Post]

Longtime writer for the New Yorker, Roger Angell, writes a goodbye piece to Derek Jeter. [New Yorker]

“Florida ‘traffic trap’ town suspends two police chiefs after ticket quota claims.” [Guardian]

David Muir, only 40, has taken over the chair for “ABC World News Tonight.” [NYT]

Did Northwestern use the wrong wristbands in the first half against Cal? [Inside NU]

Two California judges were disciplined for having sex in their chambers. [SF Gate]

Here’s a deep dive into Michigan State’s defense, which should keep the game close against Oregon. [Grantland]

An elephant dunking a basketball. [via BroBible]

New Zealand did a Haka Dance before the US smoked them in basketball.

Road rage! But at the :26 mark, it goes in a direction you won’t expect. [via 1000 Steps]

Here’s a dumb Marshawn Lynch commercial touting his relationship with Skittles. [via Hot Clicks]

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