NFL Fans in the UK Dislike the Patriots, Cowboys and Jets; Like the Packers and . . . Jaguars?

Bad Teeth and White Skin, seems like a natural fit with the UK

The website Tuesday Morning Football ran a poll of UK NFL fans (with approximately 500 responding) asking which teams they liked, disliked, or had no opinion. Respondents were allowed to identify more than one team as liking or disliking, so this may not necessarily reflect the team they primarily root for.

Green Bay came in as the most liked, with 42.81% of respondents selecting the Packers. Jacksonville, who has been tied to rumors in London, has played there, and who is owned by Shahid Khan, came in 2nd at 40.98%, ahead of San Francisco.

At the other end, the respondents were not fans of teams that “move the needle” in the United States (Packers excepted). The Patriots (64.83%), Cowboys (62.08%), Jets (45.87%), Steelers (38.84%), and Giants (37.31%) were the most disliked teams, ahead of the last two Super Bowl winners.

The Titans and Bills, meanwhile, led the way with number of respondents having no strong opinion about the team.


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