2014 NFL Predictions From The Big Lead Staff

Peyton Manning

Here are our season predictions. Print them, save them, make fun of them. In a week, we will know nothing.

AFC East

Glasspiegel: Patriots (2)
Cardillo: Patriots (2)
Duffy: Patriots (1)
Douglas: Patriots (2)
Lisk: Patriots (1)
McIntyre: Patriots (1)
Shamburger: Patriots (1) 

Hey wait, all of us picked the Patriots, too!

Tom Brady needs a high five

AFC North

Glasspiegel: Bengals (4)
Cardillo: Ravens (3)
Duffy: Ravens (3)
Douglas: Ravens (4)
Lisk: Steelers (4)
McIntyre: Ravens (4)
Shamburger: Ravens (4)

john harbaugh joe flacco

AFC South

Glasspiegel: Texans (3)
Cardillo: Colts (4)
Duffy: Texans (4)
Douglas: Colts (4)
Lisk: Texans (3)
McIntyre: Colts (3)
Shamburger: Colts (3)

AFC West

Glasspiegel: Broncos (1)
Cardillo: Broncoooooos (1)
Duffy: Broncos (2)
Douglas: Broncos (1)
Lisk: Broncos (2)
McIntyre: Broncos (2)
Shamburger: Broncos (2)

AFC Wild Cards

Glasspiegel: Dolphins (5) and Chargers (6)
Cardillo: Chargers (5); Jets (6)
Duffy: Bengals (5) and Colts (6)
Douglas: Dolphins (5) and Titans (6)
Lisk: Colts (5) and Bengals (6)
McIntyre: Chargers (5) and Jets (6)
Shamburger: Chargers (5) and Bengals (6)

Chip Kelly dives into pool

NFC East

Glasspiegel: Washington (4)
Cardillo: E-A-G-L-E-S (3)
Duffy: Eagles (2)
Douglas: Eagles (2)
Lisk: Eagles (3) 
McIntyre: Eagles (3)
Shamburger: Eagles (2)

NFC North

Glasspiegel: Bears (3)
Cardillo: Bears
Duffy: Bears (4)
Douglas: Packers (4)
Lisk: Bears (4)
McIntyre: Packers (2)
Shamburger: Bears (4)

Jay Cutler throws tipped pick six against Browns

NFC South

Glasspiegel: Saints (1)
Cardillo: Saints (1)
Duffy: Saints (3)
Douglas: Saints (3)
Lisk: Saints (2)
McIntyre: Bucs (4)
Shamburger: Saints (3)

NFC West

Glasspiegel: Seahawks (2)

Cardillo: Seahawks (2)
Duffy: Seahawks (1)
Douglas: Seahawks (1)
Lisk: Seahawks (1)
McIntyre: Seahawks (1)
Shamburger: Seahawks (1)

Pete Carroll laughing after Brandon Browner was tripped by the turf monster against the Cardinals

NFC Wild Cards

Glasspiegel: Packers (5) and Buccaneers (6)

Cardillo: 49ers (5) and Lions (6)
Duffy: 49ers (5) and Packers (6)
Douglas: 49ers (5) and Cowboys (6)
Lisk: Packers (5) and 49ers (6)
McIntyre: Saints (5) and Lions (6)
Shamburger: 49ers (5) and Packers (6)

AFC Championship

Glasspiegel: Chargers over Bengals

Robert Ayers makes fun of Philip Rivers

Cardillo: Patriots over Chargers
Duffy: Patriots over Ravens
Douglas: Broncos over Patriots
Lisk: Patriots over Broncos 
McIntyre: Patriots over Colts
Shamburger: Chargers over Patriots

NFC Championship

Glasspiegel: Saints over Seahawks

Cardillo: Saints over Eagles
Duffy: Seahawks over Eagles
Douglas: Seahawks over Eagles
Lisk: Seahawks over Saints
McIntyre: Packers over Eagles
Shamburger: Saints over Eagles


Super Bowl

Glasspiegel: Saints over Chargers

Cardillo: Saints over Patriots
Duffy: Patriots over Seahawks
Douglas: Broncos over Seahawks
Lisk: Seahawks over Patriots
McIntyre: Packers over Patriots
Shamburger: Saints over Chargers

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears

League MVP

Glasspiegel: Aaron Rodgers
Cardillo: Tom Brady
Duffy: Tom Brady
Douglas: Peyton Manning
Lisk: Drew Brees
McIntyre: LeSean McCoy
Shamburger: Drew Brees

Philadelphia Eagles vs Detroit Lions

Defensive Player of the Year

Glasspiegel: Luke Kuechly
Cardillo: Chris Long (“sold” my pick on Twitter to the highest bidder.)
Duffy: J.J. Watt
Douglas: J.J. Watt
Lisk: J.J. Watt
McIntyre: Mohammad Wilkerson (Jets)
Shamburger: J.J. Watt

Rookie of the Year

Glasspiegel: Sammy Watkins
Cardillo: JFF
Duffy: Jadeveon Clowney
Douglas: Sammy Watkins
Lisk: Blake Bortles
McIntyre: Mike Evans, Tampa Bay
Shamburger: Blake Bortles

lindsey-duke_blake bortles

First Coach to Be Fired

Glasspiegel: Mike Smith
Cardillo: Wayne Fontes.
Duffy: Jason Garrett
Douglas: Rex Ryan
Lisk: none will be fired before season ends
McIntyre: Jason Garrett
Shamburger: Rex Ryan

Announcer Who Will Make Me Cringe the Most

Glasspiegel: Cris Collinsworth
Cardillo: Lemme tell you something, they’re all great.
Duffy: Hello, friends.
Douglas: Mike Mayock
Lisk: Phil Simms
McIntyre: Jim Nantz
Shamburger: Phil Simms

Peyton Manning Will …

Glasspiegel: Come under major fire the next time he throws a receiver into a big hit
Cardillo: … listen to Outlaw Country driving to practice most days.
Duffy: Make my mother laugh.
Douglas: Make a commercial that will air multiple times this season.
Lisk: Wear dad shorts on off days.
McIntyre: Turn Emmanuel Sanders into a fantasy stud, and make you pick up Cody Latimer.
Shamburger: Be seen during the bye week at a Tennessee Volunteers game.

Peyton Manning dancing

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