Michelle Jenneke Races Automobiles Every Year at the Top Gear Festival in Sydney

Michelle Jenneke is from Australia. There is an annual Top Gear Festival in Sydney. For the past two years, Michelle Jenneke has showed up and raced Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson. In 2013, Jenneke sprinted while Clarkson drove a Nissan GTR. For some reason, the official Top Gear YouTube channel waited until last weekend to post the video, which is how this all came to our attention today. Perhaps they decided to coincide that video with her ice bucket challenge?

For this year’s festival, Jenneke had a hurdle competition with Clarkson who apparently hurdled things by driving a pick-up truck off ramps. That happened in March 2014, so be on the look out for that video in about a year, I guess. As for the 2013 race, Jenneke seems to have run despite the fact that she was nursing this injury and pulled out of the Sydney Track Classic the day before. For her many fans across the Internet, it must be shocking to learn that Jenneke would chose #brand over competition.

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Michelle Jenneke warmup on Top Gear

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