Bengals Players Celebrated Steelers' Loss with Emojis


Bengals Players Celebrated Steelers' Loss with Emojis


Bengals Players Celebrated Steelers' Loss with Emojis


Like the rest of you, Cincinnati Bengals players watched NFL playoff action on television this weekend as a result of previously being eliminated by the Pittsburgh Steelers in heartbreaking fashion.

Judging by Twitter, Sunday’s most popular team activities were actively rooting against a division rival and being salty. Several players took great pleasure in the Denver Broncos’ win.

This is all fairly tame. Salty, but tame.

The Kermit sipping tea emoji from Jeremy Hill, though, is noteworthy. This is the same guy who fumbled the ball — and season — away against Pittsburgh then had a sideline meltdown. So I guess we should be happy he’s moved on — even if he had to dance on another’s grave to do it.

It’s understandable that Bengals players would take some delight in seeing their enemies vanquished. And perhaps it’s not reasonable to expect better judgement from this group considering the track record in that department.

At the risk of sounding like I’m 100-years-old, this is just sad.

Winners win. Meme users use meme.



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