ESPN's Rod Gilmore Announces He is Fighting Cancer

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ESPN's Rod Gilmore Announces He is Fighting Cancer


ESPN's Rod Gilmore Announces He is Fighting Cancer

ESPN college football analyst Rod Gilmore was recently diagnosed with blood cancer, he revealed in a statement on Monday. Gilmore, who has been with the network since 1996, works games with Mark Jones and Quint Kessenich in addition to appearing on studio shows.

“First, I feel great and my prognosis is good,” he wrote. “I have great support with an amazing medical team, an incredible wife and family, and amazing friends and colleagues.

“Second, my condition was discovered during an annual physical, which I’ve had done for more than 25 years. Early detection is critical and I encourage all of you to get annual physicals–cancer does not discriminate and it will hide if you let it.

“Finally, amazing advances have been made in cancer research and treatment, principally due to your generous donations to organizations like The V Foundation. Donations work. We are so close to finding cures to some forms of cancer in the not too distant future. Please continue to support research of any kind in whatever way you can. It’s making a difference.

No change to Gilmore’s role was announced and he expressed excitement for the upcoming season. Gilmore’s team will work the South Carolina-Vanderbilt game in Week 1.


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