Josh Brown's Ex-Wife Alleges He Was Physically Violent With Her More Than 20 Times Per Report

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Josh Brown's Ex-Wife Alleges He Was Physically Violent With Her More Than 20 Times Per Report


Josh Brown's Ex-Wife Alleges He Was Physically Violent With Her More Than 20 Times Per Report

Josh Brown was suspended for 1-game earlier this week, likely stemming from a domestic violence arrest in May 2015. Brown addressed the media on Thursday. Via

“Like everybody’s aware of, this moment happened over a year ago,” Brown said. “The case was dropped five days after the moment happened, and we’ve moved forward with our lives at this point. While I’m not okay with the decision, I have to respect it. I look forward to a 15-game season and moving forward with my teammates.”

On Friday morning, the New York Daily News published a story containing details from the 2015 incident report. The arrest took place after Molly Brown called police for the second day in a row -and more than 10 times overall. The day before the arrest she called because Brown allegedly got in the face of her 16-year old son. After the arrest the next day, Molly Brown told police of numerous other incidents, including the time he allegedly kicked down a bathroom door. She also alleged that Brown had threatened to killer her “four or five times.”

The first of those events, she said, came sometime in 2009 when Molly Brown said she was probably between four and six months pregnant. Molly Brown said the couple were fighting, “and there was a box of mail that we had initially were arguing over, I took it, I like threw it off the desk and the papers went everywhere and he—I remember grabbing my shoulders and like just pushing me into the door.”

At one point during the pregnancy, which Molly Brown says was accidental, she said Josh Brown accused her of being a “gold-digger” and accused her of getting pregnant on purpose.

Brown also described other alleged domestic violence acts by Josh Brown in the incident report from the day of the arrest.

“Molly also said that during a recent trip to Hawaii in April of this year, Joshua got angry in an argument with her and held up his fist like he was going to punch her and said ‘I want to knock you out so bad,’ ” the incident report reads. “Molly further described an incident that occurred in April of 2014, saying that Joshua pushed her into the large mirror in their bedroom and then threw her on the floor and jumped on top of her, holding her face down into the carpet. Molly said this incident caused her pain in her arm and elbow for several months.”

Molly Brown previously filed for divorce in 2013. Via a 2014 interview with Purpose2Play:

Brown recently emerged from the toughest year of his life, which included a self-induced earthquake shattering of his marriage to his wife, Molly. Their relationship was on life-support, with divorce papers being filed.

“My wife didn’t feel like she was important to me and I allowed the environment to change me,” Brown said.

The environment that Brown is talking about is all too common within the world of NFL and being a professional athlete. An immature NFL player opens himself up to all kinds of problems, according to Brown.

“They allow the outside world’s judgement of you to be put on the pedestal, and it’s just not important,” Brown said. “Most men don’t become men because we fear losing what defines manhood to us whether that’s money, multiple women, cars, houses, power, and control. I had to go through that. Thank god for my wife. She said, ‘No more!’ She stood up for herself and it saved my life.”

“I’ve had to change the way that I think, the way that I’ve viewed people, my married life, my children, my role as a man,” Brown said.

Josh Brown will serve a 1-game suspension for a violation of the league’s personal conduct policy.

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