Someone Is FINALLY Honoring Kobe Bryant

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Someone Is FINALLY Honoring Kobe Bryant


Someone Is FINALLY Honoring Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant will finally be honored as the city of Los Angeles will declare 8/24, “Kobe Byrant Day.” What a fitting tribute. Kobe is a career 33% three-point shooter. It’s also nice that someone will finally honor Kobe as he was completely ignored during his final season.

Plus, he’ll have his number retired. And they’ll celebrate his induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame. And they’ll probably put a statue of Kobe outside the Staples Center at some point. It’s just too bad that Kobe’s two jersey numbers don’t make a date that would fall during the NBA season so the Lakers would have a ready-built excuse to give away Kobe Bryant Day t-shirts. Though 2/24 is right between Kobe Bryant Days, so that would be a good day to celebrate Kobe as the Lakers suffer through a 4th consecutive losing season. Hmm. The Lakers had three consecutive losing seasons to end Kobe’s career. He also won 5 titles. 3/5 is a home game. That’s a good chance to honor Kobe.

That’s good because the Lakers are in Oklahoma City on 2/24. Why not just make it Kobe Byrant week? Or, let’s see, Kobe’s career high is 81. Obviously, there’s no basketball in August so let’s flip those numbers around and, yup, the Magic are visiting the Lakers on 1/8. That’s a good night to honor Kobe. The possibilities are endless.

As for tomorrow’s Kobe Bryant Day, it will share the stage with National Waffle Day and National Peach Pie Day. What a day to be alive.

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