Roundup: Todd Marinovich Arrested Naked in Pool; Aly Raisman Goes on Date with NFL Player

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 10:  Model/Actress Emily Ratajkowski attends the special event for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hosted by Brett Ratner and David Raymond at Hilhaven Lodge on August 10, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Getty Images for RatPac Entertainment's "In Harm’s Way" Event)

Roundup: Todd Marinovich Arrested Naked in Pool; Aly Raisman Goes on Date with NFL Player


Roundup: Todd Marinovich Arrested Naked in Pool; Aly Raisman Goes on Date with NFL Player

Emily Ratajakowski, actress/model/Bernie Sanders fan … the oral history of Stand by Me, which just turned 30 … “Meet an Amazing Blind Man Raising Blind Triplets” … amazing piece of lightning in Arizona sky looks like a dinosaur … “Surveillance video shows face-biting suspect before deadly attack” … if you have kids and want to freak out about global warming, this chart will do the trick … “Man dies after falling ill during surfing event in La Jolla” … protests on the University of Missouri campus last year has driven enrollment way down … “Andrea Tantaros of Fox News Claims Retaliation for Harassment Complaints” … University of Texas will have a protest this week that involves sex toys … “Women journalists share their stories of sexual harassment” … GMA anchor apologizes for saying “colored people” on the air Monday … 

Yes, Ryan Lochte exaggerated, and he’s a moron, but being a drunk buffoon doesn’t warrant being extorted at gun point. [Best of Podcast; Full 3-hour Show]

High school legend, college star, NFL disappointment: “Todd Marinovich was arrested after he was found naked with marijuana in someone else’s backyard.” Meth is a bad thing, kids. [OC Register]

Strong read on Seantrel Henderson of the Buffalo Bills, who is battling Crohn’s Disease, and lost 50 pounds after he had 80 centimeters of his intestines removed. [Palm Beach Post]

Talk about desperation on the radio in Philadelphia. [Crossing Broad]

Texas QB Shane Buechele, a true freshman who may start, has four siblings who are die hard Oklahoma Sooners fans. Also, the story of his birth is kinda surprising. [Dallas Morning News]

An Oakland Raiders tight end asked out Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman. If you’ve seen this photo, you can partially understand why. [Mercury News]

“Is AAU culture ruining basketball? Suns coach Earl Watson would argue the opposite.” [Bright Side of the Sun]

This is good self-awareness. Clay Travis got in the pants business. And will probably end up losing $50k. [Outkick the Coverage]

“A 31-year-old fugitive was arrested Thursday at a South Yarmouth home while disguised as an elderly man.” []

Does NBC have to make major changes to televising the Olympics? I’d start by just putting everything on live, and forgetting tape delay. [Variety]

Friday on Speak for Yourself, I said Ryan Lochte shouldn’t have apologized and here’s the full reasoning.

Couple having sex behind a BBC live shot, or just “reading a book?”

I haven’t seen “To Catch a Predator” but this sizzle reel sure makes me proud of the show for catching these sleazy criminals.

Hit ’em with the Heinnnnnnnnnn.

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