Roundup: Colin Kaepernick's Fidel Castro T-Shirt; RIP Gene Wilder & Don Cheadle vs. Donald Trump

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 18:  Model Natasha Barnard attends as Captain Morgan White Rum and Crown Royal XO raise a glass to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 50 Years of Swim Issue at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Beach House on February 18, 2014 in New York City.  (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Captain Morgan and Crown Royal)

Roundup: Colin Kaepernick's Fidel Castro T-Shirt; RIP Gene Wilder & Don Cheadle vs. Donald Trump


Roundup: Colin Kaepernick's Fidel Castro T-Shirt; RIP Gene Wilder & Don Cheadle vs. Donald Trump

Natasha Barnard, a model … RIP Gene Wilder, the great comedian who died at the age of 83 … Jim Harbaugh’s wife is pregnant with his 7th child … has Donald Trump “broken” the Conservative media? … sometimes, greed is not good: “Mylan CEO’s Pay Rose Over 600 Percent as EpiPen Price Rose 400 Percent” … Jim Gaffigan talks about why he cancelled his own show … “Deadly Heat” in US Prisons is Killing Inmates and Spawning Lawsuits” … busty brunette sells her story and photos of Anthony Weiner to a newspaper, and now his wife has dumped him … scary look at the future of the media from Michael Wolff … Don Cheadle tweeted to Donald Trump to “die in a grease fire” … August in Chicago as the most violent month the city has had in 20 years … “A Life in the Day of Balthazar Getty, member of a troubled dynasty” … bizarre: 300 reindeer were killed during a lightning strike in Norway

The Cowboys are in good shape with Dak Prescott, and Colin Kaepernick takes a stand. Reaction to Saturday’s show has been overwhelming. Thanks. [30-Minute Best Of; Full 3-Hour Show]

Quick reminder: Colin Kaepernick made his stand, then wore a Fidel Castro t-shirt in his post-game press conference. Really. [Outkick the Coverage]

Ron Rivera of the Panthers is like most sensible people: Colin Kaepernick can sit for the National Anthem if he wants to. Wonder if Rivera would extend his answer if Cam Newton were sitting … [Black and Blue Review]

“As pay TV slowly declines, cable news faces a demographic cliff. And nobody has further to fall than the merchant of right-wing outrage.” [The Atlantic]

When was the last time the Nebraska Cornhuskers were relevant? []

Nice story on ESPN president John Skipper, though I would have led with the ending – the time he was drinking in Mississippi and the cops rolled up. [Washington Post]

This Canadian gentleman robbed a beer store … wearing a full hockey goalie uniform. [RMNB]

This Belichick-Brady “rift” story is bizarre – juicy headline, fantastic theory … but everything else is weak. [Herald]

Speaking of ESPN … hey, Skip Bayless is at Fox now. He’s not taking as many shots at ESPN on his way out the door, though. [LA Times]

Mark Dantonio is too smart to take an obvious shot at Jim Harbaugh, but this letter to Nick Saban and then the smile? Come on. [Freep]

Soccer fans north of the border FREAK OUT at “lewd” sign at FC Toronto game. [Toronto Sun]

Jamal Crawford, as usual, does something to make everyone go ‘ooooohhhhh.’

It’s Dak world, we just live in it.

Two and a half months old, but this is quite a magic trick.

Everyone gets excited by Beyonce.

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