Jeff Fisher Doesn't Make Excuses, Except this One


Jeff Fisher Doesn't Make Excuses, Except this One


Jeff Fisher Doesn't Make Excuses, Except this One

The Los Angeles Rams fell to 3-2 with a home loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, moving Jeff Fisher one step closer to his natural equilibrium of .500. The defeat also yielded a tremendous and confounding postgame quote.

“We don’t make excuses,” Fisher said. “But three of our four starting defensive lineman were watching the game today.”

That sure seems like an excuse but we know it can’t be because the Rams don’t make them. Perhaps it’s an “explanation” or a “reason.” Semantics are tricky.

Reading that sentence conjured up memories of the Magic Eye poster craze. One moment you’re seeing an excuse and the next it disappears into the ether. At the end you walk away cross-eyed and confused.

Fisher’s defense allowed the Bills to rush for 193 yards but was somewhat successful in limiting Tyrod Taylor’s effectiveness through the air. A bigger problem may have been the Rams offense’s inability to score touchdowns in the red zone, converting on just 1 of 4 chances.

Not to make excuses for this, but the quarterback the team selected first overall in the NFL Draft was watching the game today.

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