Eli Manning Denied Using "Trump" as an Audible


Eli Manning Denied Using "Trump" as an Audible


Eli Manning Denied Using "Trump" as an Audible

The New York Giants defeated the Los Angeles Rams 17-10 in London. In addition to showcasing our nation’s brand of football, there was speculation Eli Manning was showcasing our top newsmaker by barking out “Trump” during pre-snap audibles. CBS’ Dan Fouts brought it up on the broadcast and Manning was asked about it after the game.

Classic gotcha journalism.

Manning, a veteran, deftly sidestepped the issue like a, well, politician.

“Trump? Trump? No, no Trump, no Trump calls. We are using something very similar. But there is not a Trump, not an audible we are using. Nothing there, nothing there.”

We have no option but to believe him because no Manning would ever intentionally try to make headlines with line-of-scrimmage catchphrases.

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