Brandon Jennings Calls D'Angelo Russell 'A Snitch'

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Brandon Jennings Calls D'Angelo Russell 'A Snitch'


Brandon Jennings Calls D'Angelo Russell 'A Snitch'

Brandon Jennings is currently a guard for the New York Knicks, but in his free time he likes to say dumb things on Twitter. On Sunday he continued that trend.

Jennings responded to a question about D'Angelo Russell’s potential with this statement about the Los Angeles Lakers point guard:

Thanks Brandon, appreciate your input.

So basically a 20-year-old kid accidentally posts video of a teammate bragging about cheating on his famous fiancee with a barely-legal groupie and he’s “a snitch.” Got it.

Say what you want about Russell — and what he did was monumentally stupid — but it’s fairly clear there was no intent involved. It was an accident, and even Nick Young has forgiven him. This “snitch” nonsense that has been tossed around about him is moronic. To be fair, I’d expect nothing less out of Jennings.

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