Kevin Garnett Dropped an M-F on Inside the NBA

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Kevin Garnett Dropped an M-F on Inside the NBA


Kevin Garnett Dropped an M-F on Inside the NBA

Kevin Garnett has been an entertaining addition to TNT’s Inside the NBA this season. Instead of putting him in a suit and sitting him behind a desk, they created Area 21 which features Garnett, some televisions, a guest or more and some basketball talk. It’s the kind of thing that every sports studio show wishes they could pull off, but this is the only show that can.

On last night’s episode Area 21 had a party DJ’d by Shaq. Producer Joe Underhill a.k.a. Underdog was there handing out business cards to the women assembled on the dance floor. One dumped a drink on him. When they later showed the replay (skip to the 3:15 mark) KG saw it and said, “She threw a drink on that m—–f——?” This is the reason they gave Garnett a curse button.

Presumably, the TNT crew hoped the clip would go viral because of the fake conflict like this one from the 2012 Finals. They can thank KG for keeping it real.

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