Gregg Popovich Ejected For Calling Referee "Terrible"


Gregg Popovich Ejected For Calling Referee "Terrible"


Gregg Popovich Ejected For Calling Referee "Terrible"

Gregg Popovich is never afraid to share his opinion and on Thursday night that got him in trouble with an NBA official Thursday night.

With his San Antonio Spurs locked in a tight battle with the Denver Nuggets late in the second quarter, Popovich got into it with referee Bennie Adams. Pop was quickly given a technical foul, but continued to go after Adams and eventually yelled “you’re a terrible referee” which earned him a second technical, an ejection and an early shower. The second technical and ejection were issued by Adams’ fellow official Zach Zarba.

Check it out:

“Mommy, why is President Snow yelling at that man?” Yeah, that was a Hunger Games reference, what about it? Oh, like you’ve never had a long flight with bad movie options before?

Even without Popovich manning the sidelines, the Spurs are up 10 late in the fourth against the Nuggets.

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