Odell Beckham Jr. Robbed During Super Bowl Week

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Odell Beckham Jr. Robbed During Super Bowl Week


Odell Beckham Jr. Robbed During Super Bowl Week

Odell Beckham Jr. lost some stuff during Super Bowl week according to Page Six. What exactly he lost is up for debate. He was either robbed of many valuables:

But a source told us that Beckham — in town for the big game as an ESPN pregame commentator — was robbed of “jewelry and cash.” Rumors even swirled that he was mugged. “It was basically catching him outside at the right time,” a source said of the alleged heist.

Or he lost some less consequential things that he had left at a friend’s house.

“He just had some stuff there,” the source said. “Shoes and that sort of thing. It wasn’t anything expensive — just some of his belongings.” The source said that the home was broken into and that Beckham’s stuff was gone.

Either way, Odell Beckham Jr. definitely lost some sh-t last week. Probably. Luckily, he has the money to replace those things. Unless somebody took that money. Then he’ll need some new money which can’t really replace the lost money. You may also recall he lost a pinky ring while dancing at a strip club late last year. Please, just be careful out there, OBJ.

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