Sorry, Dickie V, There's No Issue With Kansas Fans Leaving Game Early

Feb 13, 2017; Lawrence, KS, USA; Kansas Jayhawks guard Josh Jackson (11) shoots over West Virginia Mountaineers forward Sagaba Konate (50) during the first half at Allen Fieldhouse. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry, Dickie V, There's No Issue With Kansas Fans Leaving Game Early


Sorry, Dickie V, There's No Issue With Kansas Fans Leaving Game Early

After winning 54 consecutive games at home in Lawrence, Kansas nearly lost two straight games at Allen Fieldhouse. Jayhawks fans left early.

Dick Vitale, the longtime color commentator who was once a coach in college and in the NBA, roasted those who ditched when down by fourteen points with around three minutes left — the largest lead of the game.

The Jayhawks then outscored West Virginia by 21-7 in the last 2:20 minutes to tie the game. Here’s what Dickie V had to say on ESPN:

“I can’t believe it. What are Jayhawks fans doing? With all the quality basketball left, you should stay here and support these kids. Look at these people leaving!”

Vitale said you “can’t walk out on the kids” and “be a frontrunner” during the broadcast.

I couldn’t agree less. While fans missed an incredible experience for a huge home victory, those at the game don’t owe anything to anyone. They paid for these seats and have no obligation to stay for any duration.

All of the fans who left now have to live with the regret of not seeing the massive Mountaineers meltdown. But that’s their prerogative and not a decision made by the broadcaster.

Eventually, the game went to overtime and Kansas took the ruckus home field advantage all the way to a victory.

Less than a month ago, when the Jayhawks beat Kentucky, some Wildcats fans left early as well. It’s not a particularly uncommon trend in sports.

Mark Wahlberg, who is from Boston, recently left the New England Patriots game in the Super Bowl when they came back and earned a huge win against the Atlanta Falcons.

Wahlberg reportedly left the game early because his son was sick. I’m sure that all the Kansas fans who left this crazy comeback had great reasons for it, too.

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