Tony Romo, Johnny Manziel and Colin Kaepernick Headline List of Rumor-Worthy Former NFL Quarterbacks

Tony Romo, Johnny Manziel and Colin Kaepernick Headline List of Rumor-Worthy Former NFL Quarterbacks


Tony Romo, Johnny Manziel and Colin Kaepernick Headline List of Rumor-Worthy Former NFL Quarterbacks

Tony Romo retired today. It appears that Romo will now begin a broadcasting career. Will his retirement be a true retirement or will he “retire” like Brett Favre, Roger Clemens and Floyd Mayweather have retired?

Whatever Romo’s intention, his name will be brought up whenever a team is facing any sort of a quarterback issue, just like Peyton Manning last season. And speaking of Manning, I wonder if he’d consider coming out of retirement in the right situation? And what team might take a flyer on Johnny Manziel or Colin Kaepernick? Man, there sure are a lot of big names to float for some clicks. Here is a list of 11 quarterbacks who will probably be attached to various teams via unanimous sources over the next weeks, months and maybe even years.

Johnny Manziel
Age: 24
Johnny Football is a year older. A year wiser. He’s clean and engaged. He’s focused. Should we really believe that a few games with the Cleveland Browns shows the true potential of anyone? And he’s still so damn young.

Jimmy Garoppolo
Age: 25
Technically, Jimmy G. is in the NFL, but as long as Tom Brady is playing, Jimmy Garoppolo is effectively retired. And Brady wants to play for a long, long time. He will be an unrestricted free agent next year so expect the trade talk to ramp up as we head to the draft. Even if the Patriots continue to pretend they aren’t considering it.

Tim Tebow
Age: 29
Sure, he’s playing baseball, but football is his one true love. Well, his one true secular love. And why rule out Tebow becoming a Deion Sanders-esque two-sport athlete? It makes just as little sense as him playing baseball instead of football.

Colin Kaepernick
Age: 29
It seems Kaepernick won’t be involved in rumors so much as suggestions. At least for now. Kaepernick is young and only has 58 starts worth of wear and tear. It’s barely been three calendar years since he was starting a Super Bowl and you can’t blame him for the mess in San Francisco the past few years. You can however blame him for kneeling during the National Anthem and it appears that many around the league do just that.


Matt Flynn
Age: 31
By my count he’s been with 7 franchises in a decade. Is he currently retired or out of the league? Who knows, but if you need to pay a quarterback this season just call the Packers quarterback meeting room and ask for Matt. I’m sure he’s in there somewhere.

Jay Cutler
Age: 33
A former Pro Bowler who is still, theoretically, in his prime. If Romo is serious about CBS and Kaepernick is seriously unwanted, Cutler is the most willing and available big name. Unless nobody wants him for non-football reasons either. Butt, I mean, come on.

Vince Young
Age: 33
You know he’s making a comeback in the CFL, right? Hard to believe that five full seasons have passed since Young last played in the NFL.

Tony Romo
Age: 36
Romo was a legitimate option to start at quarterback for a number of teams, like, 5 minutes ago. He will be the first name mentioned whenever any sort of quarterback problem hits any team in the foreseeable future.


Michael Vick
Age: 36
He actually announced a comeback over the weekend, but it was a joke. He wanted to play one more season, but went unsigned in 2016.

Peyton Manning
Age: 41
Manning has been sitting out since winning Super Bowl 50. Resting. Letting his body heal. Regaining arm strength. Studying film. Other football stuff. Eventually, his wife is going to put her foot down and he’s going to have to get another job. That’s just the way it is and it appears Tony Romo just took the best one available.

Brett Favre
Age: 47
The Godfather Grandfather of quarterbacks considering coming out of retirement. Favre recently said that he could still play at an NFL level and he’s obviously in great shape, but after 6 seasons in retirement that itch is probably gone. Still though! If Tom Brady wants to play 6-7 more seasons, that would be mean he would be playing until he’s 45 or 46.

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