Roundup: Cavs Crush Celtics, Derek Jeter Wants to Buy the Marlins

Roundup: Cavs Crush Celtics, Derek Jeter Wants to Buy the Marlins


Roundup: Cavs Crush Celtics, Derek Jeter Wants to Buy the Marlins

Nathalie Emmanuel … horse falls in hole on way back from Taco Bell … high school journalists expose principal’s fake credentials … 15-foot python caught in Florida … San Francisco man ticketed for eating pizza at a bus stop … college student dies after pancake eating contest … guy pulled over for DUI in “Drunk Lives Matter” shirt … Steve Bannon removed from National Security Councilchemical attack in Syria … Alec Baldwin did or didn’t know how old a 16-year old co-star was in 2006 … man films maid hanging from high-rise windowBarry Manilow didn’t come out because he didn’t want to disappoint fans … woman falls off bridge while taking selfie … 

Leonard Fournette was 12 pounds lighter at his pro day than he was at the combine. [ESPN]

A tip from a Patriots fan led the FBI to Tom Brady’s stolen jersey(s). [CBS Boston]

Kyle Okposo of the Buffalo Sabres is sick and in the ICU. [Buffalo News]

Jason “Mayhem” Miller sentenced for a number of things. [MMA Junkie]

Jim Ross was happy to be back with the WWE last weekend. [FOX Sports]

Richard Sherman trade talk is real. Which is just what they want you to think! [NFL]

The Cavaliers beat the Celtics soundly on Wednesday, took a 1-game lead in the East, and became contenders again. []

Derek Jeter is part of a group looking to buy the Marlins. [FOX Business]

Russell Westbrook fell a rebound short of another triple-double, but the Thunder won again.

They got mad at me for what I did but look at this. All I did was jelly. When Lance Stephenson do it's a big deal

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PJ Tucker was not available for comment.

A hockey video meant to run your day.

Here’s a handball goalie celebration gone horribly wrong.

This video of the people of North Sentinel Island has been making the rounds this week.

Pretty cool profile of Ray Allen’s life as a retiree which apparently involves regular golf with Lawrence Taylor.

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