Steve Kerr Shouldn't Return To Warriors Until He's 100 Percent Healthy

Steve Kerr Shouldn't Return To Warriors Until He's 100 Percent Healthy


Steve Kerr Shouldn't Return To Warriors Until He's 100 Percent Healthy

Steve Kerr is battling some major health issues right now that have sidelined him for a chunk of the NBA playoffs so far. The Golden State Warriors head coach is now likely to miss the rest of his team’s second round series against the Utah Jazz. Frankly, the Warriors can win a title without Kerr and given what he’s dealing with, the 51-year-old shouldn’t return until he’s fully healthy.

Kerr is reportedly seeing a specialist at Duke University on Friday and is receiving treatment for various symptoms related to the back surgery he had in July of 2015. As a result of complications from that procedure, he suffered a cerebrospinal fluid leak, causing him tremendous pain that continues to this day. He’s suffered severe headaches, nausea and bouts of intense, searing pain. No one seems to know if Kerr will ever actually get better.

In his absence, the Warriors haven’t missed a beat, playing incredibly well under interim coach Mike brown. It’s clear Golden State doesn’t need Kerr on the bench to win a title. The team can run itself. With Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and, oh yeah, Kevin Durant, the team doesn’t need much direction from the sidelines.

The Warriors have easily been the best team in the postseason. They were barely tested by the Portland Trail Blazers in a dominant sweep and, try as they might, the Jazz haven’t been able to trouble Golden State either. They have yet to lose a game I know he’s a competitive guy who wants to be there for his team, but Kerr shouldn’t be in a hurry to get back to the bench.

Kerr’s symptoms are nothing to mess with. He can’t fool around with this, as it’s a quality of life issue that could impact the rest of his days. Basketball is just a game and the Warriors are perfectly capable of playing it well with Brown as the coach.

As depressing as it may be to think about, Kerr should not return to basketball until he is 100 percent symptom free. The stress of coaching a basketball team could serve to exacerbate his health issues. The Warriors will be fine without him.

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